Knit and Crochet Yarns

Our focus is US small batch fiber farms and mills. We strive to find you yarns made and dyed in the US, first and foremost. Secondly we hope to feature a wonderful array of Indie Dyed yarn from makers across the country. Here are some of the fibers we currently have in stock.

- Cestari Yarn

 - Virginia based mill processing US grown

wool and cotton.

- Brown Sheep Yarn Co - Nebraska Yarn Company

- Humminbird Moon - Colorado based Indie Dyer, US sourced yarn

- A Twisted Little 

Fiber Co - Atlanta based Indie Dyer, US sourced yarn

- Fleury Sheep & Wool - GA Made Yarns and Roving


We have a wonderful selection of roving in undyed and dyed stock, from US Small batch fiber farms. Such as GA produced Fleury Sheep and Wool, and PA based Blue Moon Alpacas.

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